mike msilon

founder of the breakbeat, electro & house music community in cologne. he's a musician, dj, cameraman, mediafreak & organizer. he has also programmed, continued and organizes this webspace, sotosay: your administrator! you may know him from the cologne club koenigswasser, where he's resident on saturdays or from the station bar, which he has also been a resident for two years, with their weekly "reel working". also playing all cologne unerdground spots like: artheater, filmhaus, gebaeude9, camouflage club... on the other hand msilon is working as a sound and video technician for several companies in the cologne media branche.

[motto] don't work for the media - become the medium (coldcut)

[bio maxi] read it!
[style] breakbeat, house & techfunk ; downbeat & hiphop
[contact] msilon@tonson.de
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[saugen] DOWNLOAD BEAUCI'S BREAKS 2005 demo januar 2005 (30MB)
so why is it got to be...?!?

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