in spring of ´93 the wide world of vinyl had caught him. it started classically: his dude dj nuke had an old technics 12something and a no-name turntable from the fleamarket and they thought it was ultra-groovy to mix his old fairy tale vinyl of 20 years before with electrofunk...aagh, but soon got a lot of better ideas, recordstore "tam tam" in aachen became his second livingroom.

in yoma (small club-story of some friends- eyh, charlie still alive?) goetzlich started with regularly spinning records...once a month under the gokart driveway...that was a cult, i can tell you. then first bigger things in a warehouse. this was the birthhour of his dj-nic. the organizer didn't know wich name to put on da flyer and called him "ploetzlich goetzlich"... this was short time later comprimed to goetzlich.

'97 he organized with other the other usual suspects dj nuke, msilon, dns and casio the first "far out" in mubu aachen. til '99 he promoted five more parties under this label. musically this was mainly techno/trance, psy-trance, house and ambient. there you also got the legendary p-chai of salona and fresh fruits!
in summer he organized open air-parties at vetschauer berg, luetticher berg an the drachenwiese in aachen- usual suspects: dj nuke, dns,casio and mike msilon.

in late summer of '98 he changed his place of living. in dusseldorf he started his training for mediadesign in av- media and tried together with nuke, audin and other groovers of d'dorf breakbeat-scene to establish an alternative to dusseldorf housescene. first "gravity breax" in spring '99 was a big hit, but the second half a year later was the same as big flop. dusseldorf people are not that open-minded anyway, but organisation of parties was- for first not his thing anymore...
his main intention became his training as flash-operator and his dj activies spread more over the whole area e.g. baikonur(essen), spuugh(vaals), musikbunker(ac), black&white(ac). also he made some gigs at big events as 'dance a delic' (bruessels/b) and 'klosterrode'-festival.

goetzlich now works as a flash-artist in dusseldorf, but is thinking about a change to cologne, because since a few months musical activities with mike msilon cooperations. together they've found a good basis in 1-on-1 dj-gigs. stylistically and humanitary sympathies are rediscovered!

paralell to dj-ing he presents with dj nuke "switchbox". started as a minimal-project they now more focussed on danceable technolectro-beatz.
.... in summer 2002 he played on the trip-o-delic-odyssey in cologne, the first party made by synergy-trance, and in january 2003 he also played at a very special party at the backyard in thailand, together with flux, stefano & gary(australia) from backyard and with atmos, noma & bakke from spiral-trax.

[stylel] freestyle, that means in his case drum´n bass, big beat and alike- everything that grooves. he also still is interested in bookings for minimal and trancy technosets!

[suck] DOWNLOAD MP3 mix (28mb) bruchwerks 2

[contact] goetzlich@tonson.de

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