dr.smuggles (martin hartmann) is surely the youngster of tonsonde-platform, because he started seriously mixing last year. born in rietberg/bielefeld, martin came to cologne in early 2k. he found an ideal base for living out his knowledge and artistical needs.

after some -not that important musical trials- dr.smuggles love for music showed up more receptive, unless the right people pressed so many vinyl talks in our rookies ears making the decision loud and clear: "mk2s 'ave to be in the house!". in mike msilons old setup the ideal thing came fastly moving. the good stocks of colognes recordstores and the very close cooperation with mainly msilon and arson derrived that housemartin spent a lot of money during the last months (his fall to social benefit receptionist was to avoid in the last but one second!) and a lot of time behind his turntables. therefor he worked out, that's for sure. general statements say it was a very good investment, because his choice of music easily recepted by the crowd. housemartin himself tells his new passion to be the form of making music makes him really go off. seems like it has helped everybody...
on the other hand he's not only with his kickboard in cologne streets, but directs the tonsonde mobile safely the narrow paths of our beautyful dome-metropolis and the broad roads of the german republic (thx and greetings to marsel ;o)) !!!

[style] : latin, 2step and nuskoolbreakz are the worlds of sound and emotion dr.smuggles is exploring on the deckz.

so: keep on flooding peoples ears with these crazytriggydiggyvibez ...

[suck] DOWNLOAD MP3 Mix (10 mb) uk breakz

[playlist] check it !

[contact] smuggles@tonson.de


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